14 NOVEMBER 1997

Dearest Barbra,
Having the privelage of singing with you is certainly my wildest dream come true.
Since I was a child you've always been someone that I've looked up to as a model of perfection.
Your incredibly unique voice has touched me in ways that I cannot describe
and I'm deeply honoured that you've given me the chance to weave my voice with yours.
I hope and wish that these special moments we've spent together willl develop into a lifelong friendship.

Caro Luciano,
You are the grandest tenor in the world and I ahve been secretly hoping to sing
a love song with you for a long time.
I have the greatest respect for classical music and I consider it a rare privelage
to have my name next to yours on this album.
P.S. Rene and I love your cooking... let's do it more often!

Dear Carole,
Receiving a song from you was a great gift and having the pleasure of singing with you is a great thrill.
Tapestry has always been a favourite album in our family as well as so many incredible songs you've written-
we grew up with your music, and look at us now!

Dear George,
I am a great fan of the Beatles and I heard a lot about your talent long before
I had the chance to work under your direction.
You are truly a master at your craft and a total gentleman in life.
Working with you, the pleasure was all mine.
You have all my love and gratitude, Sir George.

Bee Gees of my heart,
I fell in love with "Immortality" fro the very first time I was presented with the song.
You've written so many beautiful songs for the world and I've been singing along with you for years.
To have this wonderful opportunity to record with you, and to expierience how much
fun you are to be with is an everlasting souvinier that I will always cherish.

I'm so grateful to the many individuals who participated in the making of tis album,
and who have supported me for so long. I'd like to thank them all,
beginning with my wonderful producers...
Sir George Martin, David Foster, Ric Wake, Walter Afanasieff, Jim Steinman,
James Horner, Humberto Gatica, Tony Renis, Corey Hart.

Special thanks to Tommy Mottola for your great ideas, encouragement, and involvement.

To Dave and Ann Glew, Polly Anthony, Michele Anthony, Glen Brunman, Randy Irwin, Jim Scully,
Neda Tobin, Hilary Shaev, Desiree Schuon, Ellyn Solis, Dave Gottlieb...
year after year I'm deeply touched by your passion, your commitment, and your care... I love you for this.

To Paul Burger for the idea of putting Jean-Jacques Goldman and Bryan Adams together for the song
"Let's Talk About Love" and your continued love and support.

To Bob Bowlin, Mel Ilberman, Tom Tyrell, Paul Russell, Richard Ogden, Tracy Nurse,
Rick Camilleri, Richard Zuckerman, Don Oates, Nat Merenda, Ian MacKay, Bill Rotari, Jean Lamothe,
Denis Handlin, Jochen Leuschner, Paul-Rene Albertini, Franco Cabrini, Claudio Conde, Frank Welzer,
Paul Hertog, Patrick Decam, Norman Block, Richard Denenkamp, Andy Yavasis, Suzie Sponder, Annri Namiki...
and to the entire Sony Music family worldwide for being there with me every step of the way,
I love you all very much.

To Humberto Gatica... you know what I like to hear, what I need to hear,
and you make it all sound so right. Thank you.

To Vito and John... thank you for your time, energy, and dedication.

To Diana King and Brownstone... thank you for giving me the thrill of vibing with you on
"Treat Her Like A Lady." You sound amazing.

Thank you to all the musicians, engineers, technicians and studio assistants
who gave the very best of themselves throughout the project.

To my band and crew... thank you for giving it everything you've got wherever we go. I love you.

Dearest thanks to my mother and father and all my brothers and sisters, especially Manon
who is always by my side throughout my travels.

To Suzanne Mia Dumont for your loving care and your watchful eye.

To Ben Kaye, Sylvie Beauregard, Anne-Marie, Jean-Pierre, and Patrick Angelil.
To Gilles Hacala, Eric Burrows, Lina Attisano, and the left bank organization,
Nicoletta Mantovani, Bruce Brault, Jay Landers, James Cameron, Antonio Gades,
Elettra Morini-Renis, Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, Emilio Estefan, Dianne Warren.

To Scott Lochmus, Jennifer Dana and the "Jack My Dog" crew.
To Barbara Stout, Dave Barratt, Michio Mitsuno, Dr. Gwen Korovin, Dr. William Riley,
Jackie Deslauriers, Suzanne Gingue, Kim Jakwerth, Francine Chaloult,
Georges-Herbert Germain, John Giddings, Gilbert Coullier.

Rene mon amour, through the wind I can feel your strength, through the rain I can see your tears,
through the storm I can feel your gentleness, through your emotion I can feel my music. L.V. je t'aime.

Dear Mrs. Angelil... you've been a very special part of my life,
and I know that you're still watching over us.

To Karine... I'm with you today, more than ever.